Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Get it Together, Delilah!

Get it Together, Delilah is about Delilah Green a seventeen year old girl who works hard at her father's restaurant and tries to focus in school. When her dad finally goes on a relaxing trip to Europe, she's left to support the cafĂ©. Her best friend Lauren is always there to help her out, even though half the time she's guilt-tripping her, and Charlie is there, being her support outside of school, which he does not have much experience with. Del is so stressed out, she drops out of school. 

Her lazy co-worker is caught (by her) stealing, which leads to his firing. As Del struggles to find a replacent, she realizes that school is just too much. During her work hours, she listens to Charlie talk about his "true loves", while staring across the street at the beautiful Rosa. 

As Delilah struggles to balance the cafe's deteriorating profits, Charlie's out-of-hand passions, and her crush, she finds that even though life is hard, you can get through it, with your best friends, and maybe even Rosa, at your side.

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