Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

In the book Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle angering Zeus, Apollo is thrown down into New York as a teenage boy. While liked by many, Apollo is also hated by many, including gods, demons, humans, and many others. To survive, Apollo travels to Camp Half-Blood, a camp where all Half-Bloods (children of a god and a human) stay to escape the monsters that hate the young of the gods. When Apollo reaches the camp, he finds that some campers have gone missing and the Oracle of Delphi has been stolen. 

I loved this book because it continued with the already amazing Percy Jackson series, a series that I have enjoyed reading for years. The book also adds new characters to the series that, hopefully, will have an impact in a later book. The book is also the first in the Trials of Apollo series, a new series that will, again, hopefully bring back old characters from the last two Percy Jackson series. 

The book, along with most other Percy Jackson books, helps use humor to connect to the audience. The last reason I absolutely love the book, is that the book takes place in New York, this is where the first few books took place, and it is very cool to be back. I would recommend this book to anybody who has an interest in mythology and has read at least a few of the other Percy Jackson books.

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