Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spy Ski School, by Stuart Gibbs

Spy Ski School by Stuart Gibbs is the fourth book in the Spy School Series. In the book, Ben Ripley (the main character) and his friends at spy school get to embark on a top secret mission in the Colorado Rockies. In the previous books, Ben has had more spy activity than most retired spies and this time he is getting to go on a mission he actually knows about. It is Operation Snow Bunny: Thwart Leo Shang’s illegal activity by getting close to Shang’s daughter. 

The team is made up of Ben Ripley, Chip Schacter, Hank Schacter, Jawaharlal O’Shea, Warren Reeves, Zoe Zibbell, and Erica Hale. Ben is the magnet; trying to become friends with Jessica Shang. With this whole mission causing Ben to go under a lot of pressure, he also has to worry about the big, serious guards protecting Jessica Shang, skiing (because it is his first time skiing), other people trying to butt in, and avalanches. 

Also I should mention the bombs, helicopters, heli-skiing, gun-battles, fireballs, freezing ice, and near-death experiences. This is a great book that I would give five stars. I would recommend this book for boys, ages 8-14. If you want a James Bond Spy book, this is a perfect book for you!

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