Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Snow White, by Matt Phelan

For my book report, I chose to read a graphic novel called Snow White. It was set in New York City in the early twentieth century and was centered around a fictional girl named Samantha White (who was called “Snow” by her parents). 

When Samantha was a little girl, her mother died. Samantha and her father lived alone together until her father fell in love with a Broadway singer and married her. Samantha’s new stepmother sent Samantha away to a new school and poisoned her father before she got home. Now, she wants to kill Samantha too. But with seven little boys (who Samantha met in an alley) guarding her, will Samantha be able to escape a suspicious old lady with a red apple, or will she turn as white as snow? I thought the plot of Snow White was very interesting. 

There were a few plot twists I was not expecting,, which made the story different and unpredictable. The illustrations were works of art. They were detailed and appeared to be sketched and painted in watercolor. Overall, I felt Snow White was a book I didn’t want to stop reading. I would recommend this graphic novel to 12 - 15 year old kids who love fairytales. The author, Matt Phelan took a classic fairytale (Snow White) and put a spin on it. The reason I would recommend this book to 12 - 15 year old kids, instead of all ages is because I felt there were parts of this story that I couldn’t fully comprehend, and I am 12 years old.

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