Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Seven Way We Lie, by Riley Redgate

In the book Seven Ways We Lie written by Riley Redgate, seven normal teenagers are caught into a web of lies making their lives difficult. Each character has one trait that shows us how our classified information makes us mortal. And it conveys a story with both gracefulness and toughness. Which makes the result change their lives forever. I was fond with the description of each character in each scene. And as I kept reading it got more interesting. 

 There were many surprising moments in this book which were enjoyable. I love how there is more than one main character in the book. Also how they display many of that certain persons’ characteristics. 

I would recommend this book to people who like mystery, and reality in people’s lives because this book is about teenagers who have problems as in greed or envy and how they deal or solve these problems. There is also a mystery in the book that the school district in the book is trying to solve. And there is lots of scapegoating or blaming in the book about the mystery.

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