Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rains by Gregg Hurwitz

In the novel The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz, Chance and Patrick are two brothers living a normal life in their hometown Creek’s Cause. After their mom and dad died in a car accident while they were kids, they have been living with their aunt and uncle ever since. However, one day all of the adults above the age of 18 in their town have been infected by a strange virus in the air that they breathe. The adults are trying to round up all of the children and kill them. 

Chance and Patrick are forced to kill their aunt and uncle or they would be killed by them. All of the children that have fended off attacks from the adults, including Chance and Patrick, meet at the high school. There, they find a teacher, Doctor Chatterjee, who is not infected due to a disability. At the age of 18, all people are infected, and Patrick’s birthday is in a week, so they do not have much time to waste. Chance, Patrick, and Patrick’s girlfriend, Alex, decide to go to the next town over to see if their town is not yet infected, however when they get there, there are still Hosts of the infection. 

They come back to the high school after a few encounters with Hosts, and they only have a few days before Patrick will be infected. On Patrick’s birthday, Chance keeps him alive with some creative thinking by giving him an oxygen tank to breathe from so he will not have to breathe the infected air. However, their oxygen supply is still limited. Will Chance and Patrick make it out alive, or will they die to the hands of the Hosts? Read the book to find out! I enjoyed reading the novel.

The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz. It was very well written and all of the events were described well. The author used figurative language to make the book more interesting and a better read. The author described the Hosts and all of the encounters with them very well. The author split all of the chapters at good places, and I liked that he called the chapters “entries”. I never wanted to put the book down because it was so good! I would recommend the novel The Rains by Gregg Hurwitz to anyone who is looking for a thrilling horror book. I think that many teens would like the zombie apocalypse side to the story, and others would enjoy the suspense and the action. It is a great read that I think all teens would love.

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