Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dotwav, by Mike A. Lancaster

In the novel Dotwav by Mike A. Lancaster, Ani is a skilled hacker. Her whole life is flipped upside down when her friend Jack sends her a strange .wav file that she has never seen before. When she opens the file, men with guns show up to her house and she is forced to leave. When she arrives at her uncle’s house, she listens to the sound file and passes out. She then is told by her uncle to go to his friend Gretchen’s house because she would be safe there. Ani tells Gretchen about what happened and she says that the sound file can be found in every song of an up-and-coming music genre called X-Core. Ani decides to go to an X-Core concert, and when she gets there she meets Joe Dyson, an operative working for a secret division of British Intelligence called YETI. 

Joe is trying to find out what has happened to Lennie Palgrave, his good friend and the son of Victor Palgrave, who has been predicted to become British Prime Minister. Joe thinks that Lennie has become sick by the X-Core music and is now addicted to it. When Joe and Ani go to the Pabody/Reich Observatory, they find out that one of the scientists found the sound in space and thought it was a message from an alien. She now is part of an X-Core band. Ani and Joe theorize that the sound is alive, and it is not just a message from an alien. Want to know happened to Lennie and who is behind the X-Core genre of music? Read the book to find out! I enjoyed reading the novel Dotwav by Mike A. Lancaster. It was very well written and all of the events were described well. I like that the author switched from multiple point of views to know what everyone is thinking and doing while something is happening. 

I like that the author split the book into three parts. The author described the sound that the .wav file made very well, and it made me feel like I was actually there and listening to the sound. I never wanted to put the book down because it was so good! I would recommend the novel Dotwav by Mike A. Lancaster to any teens that enjoy fiction novels. I think that many teens will enjoy the book and they will be able to imagine the sound that the .wav file made and all of the events in the book. It is a great read and all teens would love it.

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