Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lost Boy, Lost Girl by, John Dau and Martha Akech

The story Lost Boy, Lost Girl by John Dau and Martha Akech is about refugees fleeing from wars in their home countries. John, a young male refugee from Southern Sudan, has to flee his country. There is a war because soldiers with specific religious beliefs kill people whose beliefs differ from their own. Since both of John's parents and his sister died, John has to travel with his neighbor, Abraham. 

 He and Abraham are considered "Lost Boys" since they have no parents and follow the groups of people away from danger. Martha, a young female refugee also from Southern Sudan, has the same problem as John. She has to flee her country, and she has a younger sister named Tabitha that she watches over since her parents have also died; this makes them "Lost Girl." Throughout the story, the refugees travel to many different camps to avoid conflict with the soldiers. During this journey, many are killed by the soldiers. They also suffer and die from diseases, such as small pox and malaria. Also, they die from starvation and lack of water. 

 This story really illustrates how hard life must be for refugees, orphans, and people in need. It uses lots of imagery by using words like "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" and "step by step, they inched closer." It kept me on the edge of my seat during the whole entire novel. I often like to read historical fiction books. Lost Boy, Lost Girl teaches life lessons about how we should be thankful for the world we live in and not take everything for granted. Along with the fighting and violence occurring in the novel, the story also includes lots of romance. I loved how two kids who experienced so much, eventually come together and fall in love. I highly recommend the story Lost Boy, Lost Girl to all of my peers. I learned so much about how hard life is for refugees around the world. I think the story has the appropriate reading level for all seventh graders.

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