Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Falling Over Sideways, Jordan Sonnenblick

Falling Over Sideways, written by Jordan Sonnenblick, is a book about a fourteen year old girl named Claire. Claire is a dancer who never seems to be improving like the other girls. Not only that, but middle school is tough for Claire, meaning she really only has one true best friend. There are bullies, victims, popular girls, jocks and nerds; a mix of kids just like most schools. Claire is realizing that people change fast. Her friends are all of a sudden enemies. You’d think to be dealing with the annoying teachers, her period and the mean girls was more than enough to have on her plate. But the problems didn't stop there. 

Claire’s life has been a ‘joke’ up until now. Her two best friends from dance school; Alanna Salas and Katherine Bryne help Claire feel better when the father daughter dance rolls around and the only father not there is hers. Claire’s family goes through a heart stopping tragedy that leaves the family depressed. This is far from a joke, it’s serious. How to make everything normal again is unknown, but in order to get through this maybe all you need to do is make life funny again. 

 I loved this book! Every page left me on the edge of my seat. Claire is so insecure and the family tragedy makes it worse. All Claire needs is a little bit of help and love from family and friends, but most of all she needs to laugh again. I would recommend this book to boys and girls ages 11-15 because even though it’s a story based on a girls’ life, anyone will be intrigued about this storyline and can maybe relate to it as well.

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