Thursday, December 15, 2016

Madly, by Amy Alward

In the book Madly, Samatha Kemi is a teenage alchemist apprentice of her grandfather. When the princess of Nova is poisoned, Sam enlists with her Finder to create a cure.She hopes to win the Wild Hunt, and restore honor to the Kemi name. But her gradfather refuses to enter, because of an old feud with the royals. Sam and her Finder join her best friend Anike and her brother Arjun at first, to find the first ingredients of the antidote to the poison. Soon, though, they must split up because of the king's evil sister, Emilia. Emilia has already 'accidently' cast the rest of the teams, except for the Kemis and the princess' best friend's team. The princess' best friend Zain, and his father Zoro, combine with Samatha to find one ingredient to the antidote. Zain and Sam become friends, against Zain's father's wishes. But when rejection faces Sam, she wonders if they were ever truly friends. Battling agaisnt the biggest royal companies, and impossible, irrevocable feelings, Samatha Kemi has the journey of a

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