Friday, November 25, 2016

Crossing the Line, by Megan Rogers

Crossing the Line by Megan Rogers is about a teen named Jocelyn Steely who is from America, but was abducted by a North Korean agency called “KATO”. The agency tried to brainwash her and drug her, but she was able to escape KATO and go over to an American agency called “IBA”. However, not one person trusts her there, and she has to convince them that she is on their side. While doing this, she has found critical information about her father and mother. I personally liked this booked since it is an action packed book. Another reason I liked this book was since it is about a spy, since I personally love spy books.

This book also had a lot of conflict in it, and fights that I have grown to love after reading this book a few time. This book tells the downfall of a dictatorship, and I despise dictatorship, so it is another component in which made me drawn to this book. Finally, the last reason I like this book is since it has so much turns in events, and the fluency of the book was really good. Every event after another makes sense because of what happened before it. Overall, this book was amazing, and I would strongly suggest it to anyone who is interested.

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