Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Red's Untold Tale by, Wendy Toliver

A book called Red’s Untold Tale, by Wendy Toliver is a story based on the popular TV series Once Upon a Time. This is a fantasy novel by Wendy Toliver. It details the experiences of a 16 year old girl, who got the nickname of Red because of the red cloak that she wears, as she deals with her crush on a boy named Peter, her grandmother’s failing bakery, and wolf attacks on her town. Every month, during the full moon, giant, ferocious wolves roam the town and surrounding forest, killing animals, and sometimes people. 

Tensions in the town are rising, because while Red’s grandmother knows the true nature of the vicious beasts, having witnessed her brothers’ death by the creatures, the other villagers think she’s crazy and go out to fight the wolves themselves. On top of the danger of these wolf attacks, Red is trying to sort out her feelings for Peter, deal with three bullies named Violet, Florence, and Beatrice, and save her grandmother’s business. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would definitely recommend this to a friend, especially someone who is familiar with the television series Once Upon a Time. 

The writing style utilized in this novel makes the reader feel like they are in Red’s position. The suspense is constantly building as a result of the almost constant wolf threat. There is a somewhat subtle romance in this book between Red and Peter, and you can see their relationship develop throughout the novel. Red’s responses to the conflicts in her life, while not always the best solution, show that she has good intentions (most of the time). If you choose to read this novel, you can find out how Red and the town deal with the wolf problem, how Red reacts to the bullies, and how Red and Peter end up. If you like fantasy, fairy tale type stories, this book is for you, especially if you watch Once Upon a Time, as this book ties in nicely with the series. You should read this book.

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