Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kid Owner, by Tim Green

In the book Kid Owner by Tim Green there is a boy named Ryan. When his father whom Ryan’s never met and whose name he doesn’t even know dies, he leaves Ryan the Dallas Cowboys. A confusing series of flashbacks and exposition about Ryan’s relationship with football sets the story up, including his mother’sl refusal to let him play and the odd position he occupied on the team as a player so small that his coaches purposefully prevented him from experiencing the contact side of the sport. 

 This rough beginning gives way to a character driven story. Ryan battles urges to exploit his new status, with the help of a mother determined to teach him to be a good person and two wonderful best friends (a friendly giant of a teammate and a pretty, fantasy-football whiz) who like Ryan for himself, not because he’s the newly famous kid owner. But bullies on his team still target Ryan, and Ryan’s wicked stepmother schemes to snatch the Cowboys for her own son—the star player of the rival middle school’s team. When Ryan isn’t dealing with power plays from lawyers or the Cowboys’ feuding general manager and coach, he’s trying to earn a shot at quarterback; despite his not-spectacular arm, Ryan’s ability to read defense makes him a natural for a spread offense. 

All story-lines culminate in a big game, and it’s a good one. I really enjoyed this book because my favorite sport is football. It was interesting to see that a little boy was running a football team. This book was very intense and made you want to flip the page every time. This book will make you non stop read until you finish it. I also liked it because there was also a little bit of drama. I would recommend this book to the people who enjoy sports and love drama.

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