Monday, April 18, 2016

Swagger by, Carl Deuker

Swagger is a book written by Carl Deuker in which Jonas Dolan is the point guard for the Redwood High basketball team, and his coach thinks he can get a legitimate scholarship for college. But right when he gets a shot at it, he must move to Seattle and start all over because his father lost his job and got a new one there. He has a good shot at the scholarship except for one thing: his grades. Once Jonas moves, in his new neighborhood he makes a new friend named Levi. 

They play at Green Lake Community Center over the summer with a couple other kids that are on the Harding High basketball team with Levi. They meet a pretty interesting person at the center. Jonas' grades were getting better as well as his chances as a player in the team. He has gotten the backup role and is working up to a starter. Coach Knecht’s view point is very different from Jonas’ so he doesn’t get much playing time and this hurts his scholarship chances. 

 When their coach gets hurt, he is replaced by a familiar face and Jonas' chances rise rapidly as this new coach likes to fast (unlike Coach Knecht) and Jonas was the man for the job. Another problem is born when Levi begins having problems with his grades and is threatened to be taken of the team, but the new coach comes into help by tutoring him. During the playoff push, Levi admits a secret to Jonas. Jonas must choose between telling someone for the better and keeping shut for his friend. This is a nice book and was very interesting. I would recommend this book because it is not extremely hard to read and is very enjoyable. If you a sports person or someone who likes reading regardless, this is a good book for you!

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