Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bubble Wrap Boy, by Phil Earle

In the book The Bubble Wrap Boy by Phil Earle many things happen.The main character is a Chinese teenager "midget" named Charlie Han,who is very short and clumsy,and believes everyone has a skill and he needs to find it , also he has parents who own a Chinese restaurant.He is not liked in his school, and is bullied,also from his point of view everything he touches he ruins. His family lives above their Chinese takeaway. His dad is a quiet man who only cares about the family business,while his mom is overbearing and overprotective.His mom is so overprotective that she makes him wear goggles while decorating the Christmas tree (in case a pine needle carry his eyeball away), and she insists on putting a safety gate at the top of the stairs.Mrs. Han is anxious, stressed and overtired from all the ‘evening classes’ she’s attending. Charlie notices that she never seems to gain any certificates or awards from all these classes though, and wonders what the truth is but lets this slide.

Charlie is the delivery boy for his parents Chinese restaurant that people order takeout.His mom gives him a tricycle (which he nicknamed ‘the Rhino’ because it is almost to heavy to move) to use deliver the takeout food. One day, while making a delivery of his dad’s Chinese food, Charlie sees a kid( the kid name is Bunion) on a skateboard doing some tricks with a bench, and he’s immediately interested. He realizes, as he watches, that he’s finally found exactly what it is he wants to do – but how on earth is he going to convince his ultra-careful mother that skidding around on a wheeled board flinging yourself off pieces of street is safe? He knows he can’t, so he bribes Bunion to letting Charlie skateboard by making Charlie stealing food from his family restaurant and giving it to a Bunion.

Charlie then has to teach himself how to skateboard.Then after a period of time Charlie mom catches him and is made at him for not telling the truth.He then learns she has not been telling the truth either about going to “classes”.This book is good for many reasons. One is that it shows the life of struggling families. Another is because it shows how the character struggles in beginning and is better in the end. One more reason is because it shows you how you can think big.The other reasons is because it is a high suspense book.The final reason is because it has lots of action.I would recommend this book to every because it is a family friendly book.

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