Friday, April 29, 2016

Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby contemporary fiction novel that takes place in the Midwestern town of Bone Gap, Illinois. Seemingly, this town doesn’t look like it's different from other rural towns with its crops, livestock, and variety of oddball inhabitants. However, there are mysterious happenings and gateways in Bone Gap, some of which citizens might know about and some they can merely sense. One day, a beautiful girl with an unusual past shows up injured and shaken in the barn of the O'Sullivan boys, Sean and Finn. 

They find Roza and let her stay in their guesthouse. Over the entire year that she is there, she becomes a very involved member of their household and the community. One day Roza disappears, and Finn believes he saw her get kidnapped. No one in town is believing him. The town's reaction speaks volumes about their past losses and disappointments. Finn and Sean, for instance, were abandoned by their mother as children and had to find a way to take care of themselves. This makes them question if Roza was just another person they trusted and opened up to who ended up walking out on them? Even so, Finn refuses to believe she left the town by choice. His journey to solve her disappearance includes romance with a beekeeper, suffering at the hands of bullies, fights with his brother, and even a majestic horse that shows up at the farm one night. The beautifully written tale blends relatable characters, adventure, and even a bit of magical realism into one story. 

All the characters in Bone Gap, including the minor ones, are well drawn and interesting. The author, Laura Ruby, is extremely descriptive and does a great job of creating unusual individuals who feel like real people. And the lives of these characters and pasts are able to strike a strong emotional chord in the reader. Although the book develops slowly, it is not in a bad way. Ruby takes her time developing all the characters and the various romantic and adventurous storylines, with the point of view switching between Finn and Roza. In the novel, the action doesn't fully kick in until halfway through the the book so Bone Gap might not appeal to less patient readers. However, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is willing to wait a bit to get into the action of the novel, because in the long run, I believe it was definitely worth the wait. The book's major themes are love and loss: the story makes you question what is the difference between real love and obsession or between love and possession? The reader is also left to wonder about when someone leaves you, is there something wrong with you or with the other person? The analyzing of how different people are able to cope with love and loss, including romance, family, and friendship, is the best part of Bone Gap.

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