Friday, March 11, 2016

The Cage, by Megan Shepherd

I chose the book The Cage by Megan Shepherd. This novel is about a girl named Cora Mason who wakes up in a desert. She doesn’t know where she is and what happened. As she begins to look for some type of shelter she comes across a farm and a forest. As she looks she finds a boy named Lucky. They walk and try to find something and see a small town. They find a candy shop. Two boys crashed through the doors, Leon and Rolf. They were fighting until Lucky broke them apart. 

Nok, another character in the story is introduced. They learn that they have to obey three rules, to solve puzzles to get tokens to buy things, to keep your health up, and to engage in “procreative activities”. A caretaker called Cassion presents them with these rules. They have twenty-one days to follow these rules before they get removed from the habitat. He also tells them that they are not on planet earth anymore. The six people try to adapt to the life they now have to live with. Cora begins to fall in love with lucky. Soon Cora begins to see the care taker many times. 

A trust between Cora and the group are breaking as she sees Cassion more and more. Everyone turns against her because she thinks that earth is still there and she can reach to it. In my opinion I think the book was really interesting and illustrates the meaning of being trapped and being free. Cora was the only one who figures out that the habitat was a cage, so no matter how many things she did she could never be free. To the alien care takers they were “Animals.” 

Overall I think the book is mysterious because there were so many ploy twists in the story. I also thought that this novel was Romantic because of the relationships that were displayed throughout the story. I really liked this book and hope there will be a future series. I would recommend this book to readers who like Romantic, Mysterious and dramatic genres. The author of this book portrayed a lot of emotion into this novel. I enjoyed “The Cage overall and I hope future readers will enjoy this too.

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