Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wild Boy and the Black Terror, By Rob Lloyd Jones

The book Wild Boy and the Black Terror, by Rob Lloyd Jones is about Wild Boy, the freak, and Clarissa Everett, the acrobat and lock picker, who have been dreaming for a case to solve. Their guardian, Marcus, is part of a secret organization that solves crimes with the Principal as their leader. When Wild Boy and Clarissa receive a case from the Principal to stop a madman who poisons people leaving them trapped in their worst nightmare right before they die, it gets way more complicated than they want it to be. It’s even harder when the whole town thinks you’re a monster and a murderer, but that won’t stop the dynamic duo. 

I really liked this book because Wild Boy and Clarissa are just kids who have had bad pasts and nobody really trusts them. When the person they least expect hands them this case, they work as hard as they can to solve it, and the challenges they face are so incredible especially when they put their skills to the test. 

I could not put the book down because the way the author wrote it I could imagine myself in the old London setting. I could picture everything going on in the book. The way everything was put together was amazing and unexpected. Wild Boy and Clarissa put everything on the line to save Marcus, the city, and themselves. I would recommend this book to teens. This book is one where you just want to get to the ending and figure everything out. There are so many questions during the book and it really gets your brain going. There is also lots of drama and secrets that will all be revealed. There’s lots of action as well. Anyone who loves mystery will love this book too because the whole book is one big mystery all the way to the end. I think teens who love these genres would enjoy this book the most.

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