Monday, October 12, 2015

Hit and Run, by Nora McClintock

Hit and Run, by Nora McClintock is a book is about a 15 year old boy named Mike who lives with his uncle because his mom was killed in a car crash. Mike is getting bad grades and he is surrounded by examples. One day Mike finds out that his history teacher used to be a cop and was the person who was in charge of his mother’s case. 

From there, Mike tries to figure out who killed his mother, but it’s not as easy as he thought it would be. I like and disliked this book. One reason why I liked this book is because it always left you hanging on the edge of your seat. One reason I disliked this book is because it had a slow start before it got interesting. It starts out very slow and boring explaining that his mother died and he lived with a uncle that partied a lot, and he had bad examples around him. 

Another thing I liked about this book is that there are always new surprises that happen right when you think you know how the book will end. Another thing I disliked about this book is that it was too short. I feel that Norah Mcclintock could have put in more detail and events and at least made it 350 pages instead of 232 pages. But other than that it was a good book. I would recommend this to boys ages 10-14 because is very easy to read. It is short and there is not much challenging vocabulary. All in all this was a good book and I think all boys ages 10-14 should read it.

-Michael Sampino 

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