Friday, May 29, 2015

The Name of the Blade

In the book the name of the The Name of the Blade by, Mio Yamato has a secret blade called a katana in her house in London. She first saw it at the age of nine when her Ojiichan showed it to her, he promised her the sword when she is sixteen but until then she can't touch it, he promises to tell about the sword to her the next day but he has a massive stroke and dies. When her parents go away for vacation, and her sixteenth birthday nears, and she goes to a costume party she decides to be a Rukia an anime character from bleach, but she use her katana as part of her costume. She unleashes a great evil from mythical Japan to the streets of London and now she, her best friend Jack (Jacqueline), and her 500 year old warrior ancestor Shinobu have to save London and Mio has learn to control the sword before time runs out. 

I like this book and have many reasons why I like the book. My first reason is because in the book it talks about Japanese myths and turns it into an adventure. My second reason is the Kitsune (fox spirit) they are mentioned later on in the book. The third reason is because of all the Japanese words you learn like for example Ojiichan is grandpa in Japanese. My fourth reason is that because of all the battles in the book. I think that everyone teen and up( it has some inappropriate language ) should read this book because this way they will know a little more about Japan.

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