Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trust Me, I'm Lying, by Mary Elizabeth Summer.

The book I read is called, Trust Me, I'm Lying, by Mary Elizabeth Summer. The plot centers around a sophomore girl, named Julep Dupree, who attends the extremely elite and prestigious private school, St. Agatha's. Julep is different from everyone else at her school, in that she's not wealthy like them, and is well known for pulling scams and deceptive acts to help pay for the school's pricey tuition. Her talent for lying and conning others runs in the family, as her father is invested in the 'business" and taught her everything she knows.

But one day, when returning home to the apartment, Julep comes back to find the entire place trashed, looted, and torn apart. Her father is missing as well which tells her that something really bad has happened, most likely relating to her father's shady dealings. Using a clue left behind in the trashcan by her father, Julep (along with her best friend, Sam, and the charming senior, Tyler), embarks on an elaborate scavenger hunt to find what the rest of her father's clues lead to, all while attempting to avoid stalkers, death threats, and family secrets.

 I genuinely enjoyed this book and found that I was very interested in seeing how the ending turned out. I did not have to force myself to finish this novel, as it had an intriguing plot and storyline all on its own. I loved the characters in this book, especially Julep, because she's very different form the typical high schooler,- much more sarcastic, edgy, clever, and attracted to danger! I have personally always enjoyed books where clues are involved, with each one leading to another, because I find it very interesting to see how the characters can interpret something so abstract and vague, and find a hidden message behind it, leading to something else, so was very happy to see that this book included a clue hunt. Overall I thought this was a great novel, with many plot twists and unexpected events that kept me hooked, and would encourage anyone to read it! To those who especially enjoy mysteries and action novels, I would highly recommend this because it fits both categories perfectly!

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