Friday, April 17, 2015

No Dawn Without Darkness, by Dayna Lorentz

NO DAWN WITHOUT DARKNESS by Dayna Lorentz is the final book in the NO SAFETY IN NUMBERS trilogy. The book focuses around the survivors of a deadly viral outbreak in a mall and the resulting quarantine. Shay, Marco, Lexi, Ginger, and Ryan have been trapped in the mall for almost three weeks when suddenly the power goes out and the mall descends into total anarchy. These teenagers have done whatever was necessary to survive, but after the quarantine is lifted, these scarred individuals must return to normal civilization if it is even possible. In the dark, armed gangs wage war and prowl for survivors to plunder and assault for fun. To maneuver the mall without a light, the survivors hug to the walls until they trip on the litter of corpses from plague victims. 

The Homemart is the base of a trapped senator, the healthy, and the security forces, but they are not excepting individuals from outside the security gate unless they return with Lexi, the senator’s daughter. The second floor is run by the green-paint gang that uses glow stick goo to see in the shadows. The Bowling alley houses the headlamp gang which is more coordinated and well-armed. The service halls house the sick and the dying, but supplies are aplenty among the dead and the few security forces outside the Homemart are more likely to taser you then help you. 

If you were trapped in the mall how would you survive? Despite this book being the third of a trilogy, I found it to be quite enjoyable. It was easy to understand who the characters are as each one has their own arc that is flip flopped back and forth and they start in different mall locations but somewhat confusing in the beginning as I had no idea who anyone was and that some character arcs had references to others. The plot is simple to follow, kids trapped in a mall and fight to survive. A lot of minor characters are introduced but they are not really mentioned. This book contains intense moments and deaths as it is a story of survival and would not be good for the faint of heart. The ending does bring closure for the villains and the survivors and I feel it ended appropriately for each character. I would recommended this book to people who like stories about plagues or a post-apocalypse because this book has plenty of scavenging, improvising weapons, containing an outbreak, and finding a cure scenarios.

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