Monday, April 13, 2015

Knockout Games by, G. Neri

In the book Knockout Games, by G. Neri  Erica Asher's parents  get separated and she is now living in St. Louis with her mother with a rough relationship between them. As the new girl she falls in with the wrong crowd in an exploration of racial tension in St. Louis. Erica finds herself in a new city and a new school. Erica wins the attention of a boxing club called the TKOs and the affection of their leader Kalvin. The TKOs play the horrible the “Knockout Game,” where kids attack total strangers with a single punch for no reason other than the adrenaline rush. Erica follows the TKOs and their worldview, but as things get real, Erica makes a decision to make ways out of the TKOs. The book’s second half, includes Erica’s struggles to escape the TKOs and Kalvin’s tightening grip, is even stronger than the beginning. 
Noah Rizvi 7th Grade

      It’s where the author’s meaty and juicy ideas and exciting action sequences blend together perfectly. I liked and enjoyed reading the book “Knockout Games” written by G. Neri. One reason I liked the book is that it included don’t stop reading just one more page moments. I also liked the book because the book was recently written so an adolescent child like me can relate to the book and compare on how we are similar and we are not. Another reason I enjoyed the book “Knockout Games” is that the book also included very intense jaw dropping chapters which either leaves you hanging or cheering wherever you are. I would recommend this book to my classmates in the seventh grade and/or adolescent teens everywhere so they can also relate and understand the feelings of the main character of the “Knockout Games” by G. Neri Erica Asher.

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