Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hungry, by Heather Swain

The book Hungry , by Heather Swain takes place in the future, where there's no real food. For all her life, Thalia Apple had been living off a substance known as Synthamil, which was created by her parents so people don't feel hungry. All of a sudden, Thalia starts to feel empty and hears growling noises coming from her stomach; she is HUNGRY. She soon meets a boy named Basil, who belongs to this group known as Analogs, and also feels hungry like Thalia. 

The Analogs are a rebellious group of people who wanted to bring the real food back, because they were hungry. Thalia joins Basil on the goal to bring real food back and to rebel against One World, the government that controlled the food supply. I really enjoyed this book because of the thrill that can be found in this book. There were many exciting points in the book that would make any reader reluctant to put it down. Also, the plot is really vivid and carries a lot of suspense in the book. 

There are many things in this book that would make a reader suspicious and very curious. Most of all, I really liked this book because the pieces of the story flowed really well together. The plot of the story fit together, which made the story in Hungry amazing. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into books like The Hunger Games or Divergent because this book also has to do with the whole dystopian world and a rebellious revolution, with fighting that current state of government to bring a change to their society. Anyone into those series would definitely be, um, hungry for this book.

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