Thursday, February 12, 2015

This Star Won't Go Out

 This Star Won’t Go Out, by Esther, Lori and Wayne Earl is a collection of diary entries and what friends and family had to say about our protagonist, Esther Earl. The “star that won’t go out” is Esther Earl.  Esther was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 12 and this changed her life forever. Her parents, Lori and Wayne Earl, are two of the most supporting people in Esther’s life. Esther’s siblings also are very supporting in her tough sickness and hope filled life.   

The friends that Esther has, are mostly online because she can’t go to school all the time or step out of the house or hospitals regularly. The highlight of this story would be when the Make-A-Wish Foundation organizes an event that allows Esther to meet her internet friends that she's grown so close to, in real life, or as Esther likes to call it “IRL," (In Real Life). 

Her friends, Teryn Gray, Katie Tyman, and several others including John Green, come visit her to attend multiple events such as watching the Fourth of July Fireworks Show, a Wizard Rock Concert in Quincy, and finally ending the day in a hotel room with all her friends. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. It is a great book that I would recommend to someone who has gone through a tough time or needs a little uplifting or anyone who wants to read an amazing biography of an inspirational girl. The protagonist Esther, is very optimistic and makes you just be happy with her words and actions. She is an inspiration to everyone to stay optimistic and just be happy, as she says, “Just be happy, and if you cant be happy, do things that make you happy. Or do nothing with the people tat make you happy.”

Sarah Rizvi

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