Monday, December 29, 2014

The Boy I Love

After reading the novel The Boy I Love, by Nina De Gramont I have learned that stereotyping is a serious issue in a regular person’s life. In the book the main character Wren moves to a new school in tenth grade with her best friend Allie. Wren lives on a farm with rescue horses her horse is called Pandora. On the first day of school Wren and Allie meet a boy named Tim Greenlaw Allie has a huge crush on him but Wren just finds him as a friend. 

A week later Wren and Allie get invited to their first party at this school. This party changes everything between Allie and Wren, between Allie and Tim and between Wren and Tim. Wren burns her hand and Allie figures out that Tim doesn't like her. Wren and Tim become friends but eventually Wren wants more from Tim. Little did Wren know about Tim though, Tim reveals a huge secret to Wren so you should read the book to find out! 

I enjoyed this book because I never knew what each characters reaction was going to be they were very unpredictable. I also enjoyed this book because it gave you different points of views about different problems happening during the story. I also loved the huge plot twist right in the middle I never saw this one coming like never! The plot twist changed the whole focus of the story it gave the story more meaning and a more interesting plot. 

The only thing I didn't like about the book was that I was a little confused at one part because it was not very clear what was happening but I understood a few pages later. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading about arguments or debates about prejudice and stereotypes. My only comment is that anyone under 13 probably should not read this book because it is a very mature book and is a serious topic. But overall this book is amazing and if anyone ever has some free time stop by at the library and pick it up!

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