Friday, November 14, 2014

Spoils, by Tammar Stien

In the novel, Spoils by Tammar Stien, Leni’s family is forever changed when they win the lottery. They buy a beachfront mansion fit for royalty and enroll their kids in the most exclusive and expensive private school in Florida. 

For her twelfth birthday, Leni even got a dolphin that she made her parents take back. After all of this extravagant living poor investments, all of their money is gone besides the trust fund Leni will receive on her eighteenth birthday. Leni is ready and willing to give her parents the money, until her sister confesses a huge secret that leads her not to.  
Leni is determined to fix previous mistakes, so they can get the life they had before they won the lottery back. The only problem is that she doesn't know how. I enjoyed reading this book and the plot was very interesting, so the book never got boring. Some of the themes are:taking chances on people, loyalty, and the powers of money that are good and evil.

 I found many of the characters relatable and Stein used lots of imagery that made me feel like I was in Florida with them. Overall I thought this was a good read and would recommend it. 

-Amanda Stark

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