Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Four, by Veronica Roth

I recently read Four, a prequel to the Divergent series, written by Veronica Roth. This book is about Tobias Eaton a 16 year old boy, during a time when there are five factions of people; Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor, and Dauntless. Tobias Eaton chose to switch from his childhood faction, Abnegation, to where he would spend the rest of his life, Dauntless. Tobias needed an escape from his abusive father, Marcus Eaton, and the Choosing Ceremony was his way out. After his name was called, he chose to go with Dauntless. After the ceremony, he immediately started the initiation process. 

He was put in a “fear landscape” where his task was to overcome his fears. Most people had countless fears, but Tobias only had four. For the remainder of the book, his name was Four. He was the strongest initiate, and was respected by his peers. Later, he became an initiation instructor, and met a girl named Tris. After this, the end of the story comes, and leads into the next portion of the Divergent collection. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, because it explains Four’s character and makes it easier to understand the rest of the series. 

This book really makes you want to read the rest of the series, because it ends on a cliffhanger. As you read the book from Four’s perspective, you really feel like you are in the book, and can relate to the characters. Also, the book isn’t too complex, so it is easy to understand. I would rate this book a nine out of ten, ten being impeccable. I would suggest this book to people ages 9 through 30, and it doesn’t matter your gender because it has the action that most boys desire and the romance that most girls desire. I believe this series is similar to the Hunger Games trilogy and the Maze Runner series, because it is adventurous and has some romance.

-Aidan Tornquist Grade 8 

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