Monday, October 20, 2014

See Jane Run, by Hanna Jayne

In the book See Jane Run, By Hannah Jayne, Riley Spencer finds out about the truth... Riley's parents have always been so overprotective, but what if it wasn't for her safety, but to keep her from knowing their secret? 

One day, Riley goes through her parents things and finds a baby book. In it lays a birth certificate belonging to someone named Jane O'Leary . This leaves her wondering.  Is this my birth certificate? and if not, then who's is it? So on a college tour field-trip, she decides to sneak off and figure out this difficult problem. 

From the help from her two friends JD and Shelby, Riley is able to uncover many secrets, but gets herself into a lot of trouble and is left to face the consequences. But the question is, Does Riley found out who Jane is? I really enjoyed reading this book and once I started to read it, I just couldn't put it down. This is a great novel that has many twist's and turn's to keep you interested and just the right dose of teenage life. I recommend this book to students from ages 12-14. I believe students in this age range will found the book more enjoying and will understand it the best. 

 - Jacqueline Zhao, Grade 7

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