Thursday, September 25, 2014

Promise of Shadows, By Justina Ireland

In the book Promise of Shadow, By Justina Ireland, Zephyr Mourning was sentenced to banishment in Tartarus after killing Ramun Mar, the man who murdered her sister. After a year, she is rescued by old friends – but their reasons for helping her are as baffling to Zephyr as the powers growing inside her. 

Once she’s back in the Mortal Realm, she learns that her rescuers think she’s the Nyx, an ancient being with powers over dark magic who will save the world from the goddess Hera’s lust for conquest. Every day, new questions about who she is and who to trust plague Zephyr, but only one question matters: can she stop Hera from destroying her kind, or is she doomed to die trying? I thought this was the best book I’ve read in a long time. 

It wasn’t slow or boring and it had lots of action. Also, the author didn’t have what my sister calls “prequel-itis,” a condition that makes writers spend the first book of a series laying the groundwork for the next book instead of making that first work stand out. Though there’s definitely another book coming, this was its own story. That and the monsters were really interesting, too. I recommend this book to people 13-18. There was nothing graphic, though there were lots of fight scenes. There was just a focus on the relationship between Zephyr and her love interest that younger readers might find uncomfortable.

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