Monday, August 25, 2014

Under The Empyrean Sky, by Chuck Wendig

Under The Empyrean Sky, by Chuck Wendig is about a dystopian society in which the only crop grown is corn which cannot actually be consumed. The entire country lives under the Empyrean, a group of sky overlords who zoom overhead in hovercrafts and make little contact with the people below. 

Cael McAvoy, the protagonist, owns a ship that sails over the corn, and he constantly tries to better his crew in order to beat the mayor's son, who he despises. Cael is tired of the control the Empyrean has over his family and friends and seeks to put a stop to it. I greatly enjoyed the book, as it was very interesting and I could not stop reading. The characters are multidimensional and many hide secrets that are exciting to discover. There was quite a lot of language in the book, but it was never enough to deter me from finishing the novel. In terms of plot, the book starts out slow but becomes much more thrilling as you read further. 

 This novel is also very relatable, as it involves teens that must overcome problems that the average teen must also face, even though it takes place in the future. I would recommend it for anyone who likes science fiction and action novels, but it is not solely a book for kids, and has some mature themes with which anyone can relate. However, it is the first book of a trilogy and the rest of the books have not yet been written, so you will probably want to read more when you finish. Steven Cavataio, Gra
de 12

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