Monday, July 14, 2014

Fatty Legs By by Christy Jordan-Fenton

       FattyLegs, a short novel by Christy Jordan-Fenton and her mother in law Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, is an excellent option for anyone looking for a quick read. The book, based off of a true story, chronicles Olemaun Pokiak's journey in learning to read. Olemaun lived in a remote village in the far north of Canada, and her town had no school, so she only learned the culture and lifestyle of her native people. In order to learn to read, she had to attend a Catholic school located in another town only accessible during the summer months when the ice on the sea thawed. Despite her parent's initial reluctance, Olemaun eventually convinces her parents to let her attend school. Olemaun, renamed Margaret, soon finds out that the school is not at all what she is expected to be. 
     The nuns are quite mean, except for Sister MacQuillan. At school, Margaret is forced to do many chores such as mopping the floor, cleaning the blackboard, and wiping down the tables. To make matters worse, Margaret's teacher, who she nicknames the Raven, is the meanest nun of all. When the Raven pulls a mean joke on Margaret, Margaret must learn to stand up for herself and show the nuns who she is. I liked the book because of its interesting content and inspiring plot. However, the simple word choice and prose made the book quite dull at some points. Sentences were quite terse and made it difficult to continue to read at times. Overall, the book was a nice and easy read. This book is best suited for students in 5th grade and middle school. 

 -Luke Longo, grade 11

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