Monday, June 23, 2014

Hostage Three, by Nick Lake

       Nick Lake's Hostage Three focuses in on the life of a 17 year old Amy Fields, better known as Hostage Three. Her rebellious ways are the result of her mother's death, parental neglect, and her stepmother (Hostage 2) . In an attempt to both salvage a damaged family relationship and recuperate after a business failure, Amy's rich father (Hostage 1) decides to sail with his family around the world. 
       Petty family disputes are brought to a halt, as the Fields family finds themselves in a much bigger problem. Somalian pirates have taken over the ship and everyone aboard is a hostage. Despite the lurking danger, a sub-plot develops as a romance between Amy and one of her captors becomes evident. The story's greatest surprise comes at the end of the novel, where the fate of both the captors and hostages is permanently sealed. 

        Although this is an enjoyable novel, it has its faults. The family's excessive wealth makes it harder for the reader to connect and understand their problems. Additionally, there are points in the book where there is a lack of tension between the hostages and the captors, which makes for a more unrealistic story. Despite these few things, the novel isn't wordy at all, and Amy's issues are relatable to many teens. Overall, this was a good book and I look forward to reading another Nick Lake novel. Fans of thrillers would most likely seek out this novel, as the many twists in
its plot only make for a more interesting read.

-Joseph Longo

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