Thursday, June 5, 2014

Eat, Brains, Love By Jeff Hart

I recently read the book, Eat, Brains, Love, by Jeff Hart. This book is a twist on your average zombie-apocalypse story. The story is written from the zombie’s perspective, which made it very unique and interesting to read.

The main character Jake, who is a zombie, is an average slacker high school student who has no intention of changing his lazy ways. In the middle of lunch, Jake turns into a zombie and eats many students. As soon as this happens, the most popular girl in school, Amanda, also turns into a zombie. The two of them are running away from the secret zombie-hunting agency, the NCD, throughout the novel. During Jake and Amanda’s journey, they become good friends and eventually fall in love. 

The book changes perspective each chapter from Jake to a NCD agent Cass, who is a psychic with a duty to hunt Jake down, but also a mental “connection” with him. The two perspectives make the book very interesting and suspenseful.  I would recommend this book to anyone that likes zombie or sci-fi novels, but is willing to read one with a unique perspective and style.

-Teen Book Reviewer Andrew

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