Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life, by Lauren Myracle

I have just finished reading the book The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life by Lauren Myracle. In this story Alli is just trying to finally fit in this year since she was absent and forgotten in 6th grade. But, on the first day of school she experienced a fashion disaster. Her mom's underwear had been stuck to her pants by static cling. After she pulled them off her pants in front of her whole homeroom class, Alli thought she would never hear the end about this incident. 

Jeremy Webster is telling everybody about what happened in homeroom but, Alli won't stand up for herself so the queen of 7th grade Rachel Delaney stands up for her. It seems like Alli's wish is coming true, she is now friends with Rachel, Mika and Hadley the three popular girls and made friends with the new girl Megan. However, Alli's "best friend" Kathy doesn't like sharing her with the "populars" so things are different between them. Alli can't be herself around Rachel and the crew, which means she has to work to be their friends and sometimes do things she would never think about doing. Even though Alli's dream had come true she's not sure these are the friends she wants to have. Alli is stuck between fitting in and finding her true self and good friends. I really enjoyed this book.

 Realistic fiction is my favorite genre, so this book was perfect for me. I was really able to understand and relate to Alli because she is in middle school just like me. Whatever chance I had, my nose was in this book and I even read it in the car! The book was written as if it was Alli's journal which made the book even more interesting. I was able to see everything from her point of view and get the play by play of all the important events worth writing about. I love writing so being able to "read someone's journal" was really fun and inspirational. I would recommend this book to teen girls. If you like realistic fiction this is perfect for you! It really helps kids realize you don't have to change who you are to fit in. There was never a moment in her journal that wasn't boring. I stayed interested and connected with the characters a lot. This book will keep you involved and wanting more.

 -Alexis Cirenza 7th grade

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