Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life in Outer Space, by Melissa Keil

Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil is about a high-school boy named Sam. Sam is a movie fanatic and movies are his passion. He has only a small group of friends and is bullied by a group of kids in the school. 

Then he becomes close friends with Camilla, a new girl who had recently moved from New York, and his whole life changes. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to almost anyone, especially people who love movies. There are a tremendous amount of movie references, and even though I didn’t understand half of them, I didn’t really mind. 

It is a relatively easy read and provides a nice contrast to the required reading schools give. The characters are described in detail, and they are easy to picture. One downfall of this book is that there is not much action. There are not many moments that bring you to the edge of your seat. I would no recommend this book to anyone who needs action. Overall, Life In Outer Space is a good book that you can just pick up and read, and I would recommend it to people who want a nice, easygoing read.

-Steven Genzardi

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