Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Hypernaturals, V. 3

The Hypernaturals - Volume 3 is a graphic novel written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with illustrations from Tom Derenick and Andres Guinaldo. The premise of the book is that in the future, people are evermore dependent on machines. Day to day operations would be impossible without the assistance of a large mainframe network know as the AI. Thanks to the AI and many scientific breakthroughs, humanity has evolved into many different species. 

One rare breed of heroes, known as Hypernaturals, are elite soldiers who have sworn themselves to protect their universe. This band of warriors makes up the novel's protagonists and the adventures that ensue (due to their responsibilities) form the plot of the story. Initially, the heroes are pitted against their own clones in a quick and hasty battle. It becomes apparent that a powerful source created these clones, and the bulk of the novel consists of the Hypernaturals trying to uncover the true enemy. With a weaking AI, an increase in villainous activity, and a possible alien invasion looming, the Hypernaturals have a short amount of time to set things straight or the universe is forsaken. 

 This is my first graphic novel, so I'm not quite used to the style. I felt as though the characters weren't developed, they were almost just thrown into the novel. Additionally, the book is filled with confusing jargon that is intended to sound like cool space age dialogue. In reality, this only confuses the reader and makes it seem as though the authors were just trying to fill in pages. Furthermore, I felt as though the illustrations could have had less of a contrast and should have been brighter. However, they were extremely detailed. What I enjoyed most about the novel was the witty false advertisements, meant to look like advertisements in a graphic novel from the future. Despite the fact that some of the heroes had cliché powers, the plot was surprising (which made it a more enjoyable read). This book gave me the impression that graphic novels really aren't my cup of tea. Comic enthusiasts who are interested in outer space conflict might find this to be amusing. But truthfully, I can't see myself reading The Hypernaturals - Volume 4 (the sequel), any time soon. 

-Joe Longo, grade 12

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  1. I am not surprised you found it confusing since you started with vol 3 instead of vol 1. Hypernaturals was an ongoing series collected into trade paperbacks not a graphic novel. Volume 3 is simply issues 7,8,& 9 of a 12 issue series. Of you start with volume 1 it all makes since and was a great series.