Thursday, April 3, 2014

Odds Against Tomorrow, by Nathaniel Rich

Recently, I have read the fiction book Odds Against Tomorrow, written by Nathaniel Rich. The book is about a young man named Mitchell Zukor who obsesses over disaster probabilities. Throughout his life, he never found where he belonged until he discovered the company FutureWorld. His job included creating worst-case scenarios for cooperate bosses who were afraid of losing more money in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Mitchell is successful at his job by using his fears, to discomfort and inevitably convince his customers. Mitchell keeps in contact with one of his college acquaintances, Elsa Bruner. Elsa has brugada syndrome which is a rare heart condition in which the heart could collapse at any given moment therefore instantly killing the patient. Mitchell is fascinated with Elsa and her condition throughout the whole book as she lives her life without fear. Or so she thinks. There is a deeper rooted reason for Mitchells fascination with Elsa and disasters but he doesn't understand until the end. 

I did not like this book due to personal preferences. It was a little boring but it had some exciting moments. Overall it was abstract in concept but didn't really deliver. I think that it really concentrated on human fears and the human consciousness which was intriguing but also discomforting to the mind. I would recommend this book to someone who wants to understand some unsolved aspects of life but definitely not a fantasy or scifi novelist. 

 - RĂ©na King, Grade 10

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