Monday, April 28, 2014

Foul Trouble, by John Feinstein

I recently read Foul Trouble by John Feinstein. The main character is Terrell Jamerson who is the number one high school player in the county with his team poised to win the states.\

As Terrell and his friend Danny enter their senior years, they both start taking their futures seriously and think about what schools they might want to go to for college. Throughout Terrell’s year, he is faced with many obstacles like fast cars, hot girls, and money which could all lead him to trouble which could get him off the team. 

Eventually, Terrell gets injured in a fight he has with the “dudes”. This affects Terrell by changing his view about his future. Will Terrell be able to last the season or is his basketball career over? This was a great sports book. Even though this is a sports book, non-sports fans will love it. One theme of this book is “friends always have each other’s back.

This theme teaches the audience about friendship. John Feinstein also describes the sports aspects of this game which makes it interesting for sports-fans. I would recommend this book to anyone 14 and up.

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