Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Fallout by, S.A. Bodeen

This novel, The Fallout by, S.A. Bodeen is written from the perspective of a teenage boy named Eli who must learn to adjust to life in the real world after living underground for years. His family, being extremely rich, have no issues buying a new house, and hiding from reporters, but they have trouble adapting to the realization that the humans still exist. 

Eli and his family will also have to adjust to living with his grandmother and twin brother again, after they were believed dead. Along the way, as Eli begins to live his life, will he mend his relationships with his family, figure out what really happened with his father, and start trusting others again? I really liked this book, and it was an excellent read. The author introduced really unique ideas and characters, so it wasn't repetitive. It wasn't too lengthy, and the plot never got boring.

I was able to relate to each of Eli's struggles, and his character added a bit of humor to the sadder parts of the book. Before reading this novel, I would definitely recommend reading the previous book, The Compound. Overall, this was a funny, really interesting book that would be great for almost anyone to read. 

 ~Catherine Costanzo, Grade 11

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