Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mortal Fire, by Elizabeth Knox

I have recently finished reading the book The Mortal Fire by Elizabeth Knox. In this story, Knox utilizes the strength of imagination and magic to create a suspenseful, adventurous theme revolving around a young girl. Going by the name Canny, this girl knows she's different from her friends at a young age. 

As she gets older, she starts realizing that she can see things like hovering words that resemble hieroglyphics, and the fact that she is a mathematics wizard only adds to her isolation from a social life. When she embarks on a vacation with her brother, her abilities begin to come to light and her struggles begin to proliferate. 

This story takes on a sense of creativity that makes the reader want to continue to read for hours at a time. I would recommend this novel to any young reader who loves suspense as well as adventure. I look forward to reading many novels by this author in the future. 

 -Adam Wilck, 9th grade.

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