Monday, March 24, 2014

Audacious, by Gabrielle Prendergast

I recently read the book Audacious by Gabrielle Prendergast. This book is about a girl named Raphaelle and her family and her junior year in highschool. They moved to a new town up north due to Raphaelle's troublemaker past. She has hacked and pranked more people than she can count or remember. 

Raphaelle has had her fair time in detention. She and her sister Mikayla try to take on new personalities and start fresh-again; after all new school equals a new start. Her Catholic based family could use one after all this time.Once she moves she makes a new friend named Samir who is Muslim, whom she soon develops a crush on.She also makes frenimies like Genie and Sarah. She helps them fix their computers while getting her own secrets for her benefit. 

Raphaelle tries to cause less trouble and blend in, well as much as she  can while wearing mismatched shoes anyway. Her parents have been quite distant. Her mom is getting slightly thinner and not eating but no one is mentioning anything. Her father has been drinking and very distant,but no one is saying anything. Mikayla who is now "Kayli" is not living up to her "perfect daughter" reptutation she isn't doing to well at her catholic school. She is failing all of her eighth grade courses. 
Raphaelle who is now "Elle" does an art project for the showcase along with Samir. Her art causes more harm intended causing everything to go south. Her art is powerful, but more than she intended. 

I recommend this book to anyone that likes poetry or realistic fiction. I liked the book because it made me think about life and values in general. It was also relatable because it showed how Raphaelle delt with the drama of high school; enemies, friends, controversies, secrets, crushes, and fitting in. This book is for people 12 years and older for some mature content. 

 -Chidera Ejikeme

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