Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dead Ends, by Erin Jade Lange

I recently read the book, Dead Ends by Erin Jade Lange. It was amazing and I loved it. It was about a bully named Dane and an autistic boy named Billy. 

After Dane receives yet another detention, his warden thinks it’s best for him to try a different source of “punishment.” Dane must walk Billy to and from school everyday. At first, they are awkward, attempting to talk on the way to school with little conversation. But when Billy introduces Dane to his secret atlas with clues written in by his father, they start to become friends. They continue solving the clues and searching for Billy’s father, but they can’t seem to crack the code. 
Then they figure out the final clue and Dane learns something that changes the entire search. The ending of this book is an unpredictable twist. I would recommend this book to all readers who are interested in any type of genre. I usually read a different type of genre but this time I went out of my comfort zone and ended up reading an incredible book. Anyone who reads this book will fall in love with it in the first couple of pages and won’t be able to put it down. This book is amazing and I recommend that everyone should read it.

- Olivia Nakhjavan, Grade 7

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