Monday, December 23, 2013

The Fake Date, by Ayshia Monroe

I read the book The Fake Date by Ayshia Monroe. The book is about a high school senior named Marnyke Cooper. She has a hard life because her mother is in jail and she has to basically take care of herself. She lives with her older sister named Akira. Her boyfriend, Darnell, breaks up with her right before their senior prom, she is desperate to go because the whole party is being paid for by a celebrity who wants to give back to his community.
I really liked the book for a lot of reasons. The main character seemed so nice and had such a hard life. None of her problems were her fault. She is independent and strong and I liked the way she made good decisions. It would have been easy for Marnyke to just give up and maybe even end up in jail like her Mother. I thought the other characters in the book were very interesting too.

I would definitely recommend this book to high school girls. I am sure they will like reading about the things they go through in school with friends, teachers and their families. It was a good book!

-Wendi Eichner, Grade 10

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