Monday, December 9, 2013

Redwing, by Holly Bennett

Redwing, by Holly Bennett is a fantasy novel about a boy named Rowan Redwing and his struggle to survive in his family’s old wagon as he makes the little money he has playing his button box in his home land, Prosper. Rowan is the only one who lives when his mother, father, and sister, Ettie are struck down by the plague. Rowan meets a young musician named Samik from the Tarzine Lands and suggests they travel and play together to make a better living. He finds out that Samik is being pursued by a vengeful warlord, and that Samik most importantly claims to hear and see Rowan's dead sister, Ettie.

I did enjoy the book very much. It may have been a little slow at the start, but it got to be interesting later on. The alternate world in which the story takes place is very creative and I liked that a lot. The medieval-like setting really got my attention in the beginning. The author’s character development was done very well too. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in action, adventure, fantasy, and suspense.

-Ethan Tack, Grade 8

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