Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Look by Sophia Bennett

The book I reviewed is The Look written by Sophia Bennett. It is about two sisters with two very different things going on in their lives. It started when fifteen-year-old Ted (Edwina) Trout and her seventeen-year-old sister Ava Trout were playing music for the public to earn some money. This story takes place in London. Then they noticed a man who kept staring at them. His name was Simon and he was a model scout. He was interested in Ted and thought she was amazing. She and Ava were confused because Ava was the one who had beautiful movie star looks, but Ted was like a beanpole with a unibrow. Later Ted ends up taking test shots for the Model City agency because her sister really wanted her to. When Ava gets cancer, Ted ends up doing things a model does just for the sake of her sister. They don’t know how much longer she can live. I like and would recommend this book because it shows the hardships for a person with cancer and what their family goes through. Cancer was a sudden change that made everyone hope for the best. People who like fashion and modeling would like this book too. This book also has a lot of drama. I would recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction.

~Hannah, Teen Book Reviewer
8th Grade

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