Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Matter Of Days by Amber Kizer

I recently read the book A Matter Of Days by Amber Kizer. In this book, Nadia and her brother “Rabbit” are on of the few survivors of a deadly disease called BluStar. Their mother and father are dead, so they have to fend for themselves. Their goal is to make it to West Virginia where their Grandpa lives, because he has been planning for an event like this his whole life. On their journey, they come across some other survivors, who either help or hurt them.

 I really enjoyed this book because of the way the author expresses the hardships of the journey through Nadia’s perspective. This book was very thrilling, sad, and scary times. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about adventure and survival. I really enjoyed this book and hope you can too.

~Andrew, Teen Book Reviewer
8th Grade

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