Saturday, September 14, 2013

Send by Patty Blount

For the month of January, I read the book Send by Patty Blount. This book revolves around a juvenile delinquent "Dan." He has recently been released from juvie and has tried to get away from that life. Because of this, he moves to another school and even changes his name. On the first day, he breaks up a fight. However, this is very ironic because Dan was sent to juvie for being a bully. From juvie, he has had a subconscious voice in his head who is himself when he was thirteen years old. The voice lingers in his mind and contradicts anything that seems right or just. At the new school, Daniel meets a girl Julie. She is the only person who does not think that Dan is a hero for breaking the fight up. Dan goes through many experiences in the new school and finds out his own situation and others's.

I would recommend this book to readers who are mature. This book contains profanity from Dan's subconscious and Dan himself. In addition, there are some inappropriate scenes and conversations that may not be suitable to a young audience. I liked the fact that the plot was a page-turner and I was wondering what would happen next in the unique situation that Dan is in. This book is a great read and I rate it a 8.5/10 because of a great plot, but limited audience.

~Paul, Teen Book Reviewer

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