Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams

I have recently finished reading the book Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams. In this book, a girl of about 13 to 14 years old begins what seems to be a normal day. This girl, Lacey, is strong willed, tough, and very affirmative, which is what she has to be to cope with and live with her mother, who has a psychological disorder, and keeps acting and thinking that she sees and speaks to her long dead father. By her father, I mean the man who hung himself in her closet. Lacey’s mom, Angela, does not have control over her own body, hence why Lacey has to search the neighborhood for her each day, and look in bizarre places like under the house, lying in the street, or standing in the middle of a blizzard without any clothes on. Throughout this story, Lacey has to stay tough, stay strong minded, and care for her sickening and ill mother. For a girl her age without a father(who left before Lacey was born) or relative (who Angela scared away), this is a tough and nearly impossibly heavy burden. When things start to get tough, and Angela begins to think of attempting the worst psychological action she could (suicide), Lacey is the only one who can save her. But is Lacey enough?

I like this book, because of the way the author expresses empathy for the characters and really makes you feel as though you are experiencing their pain as yours. I would recommend this novel to anyone who thinks they can deal with pain and suffering first hand, and is not scared to cry when you read what’s going on in this girl’s life. I hope this book can touch every other reader’s heart, like it did mine.

~Adam, Teen Book Reviewer

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