Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clarity by Kim Harrington

I chose the book Clarity by Kim Harrington. This book is about a girl named Clarity (A.K.A. Clare). She lives with her family who posses power. Her mom's a telepath, her brother can see and talk to ghosts and Clare's a psychic. She's able to touch objects and see the memories related to it. Sometimes. Her powers don't always work. When a murder is announced in her town, her brother, Perry, is the prime suspect since he was the last one to see the victim alive. Determined to prove he's innocent, Clare gets involved in the case and receives help from her ex-boyfriend, Justin, and a new detective's son. Gabriel. As the story moves, more and more people become suspects until you really don't know who did it. Will she be able to use her unreliable powers to find out who did it?

I really liked this book!! It was definitely a page turner. There was so much suspense which I really liked. The book isn't hard to understand, It's interesting and simple which is nice. The ending was completely unexpected. I would definitely recommend this book!

~Femi, Teen Book Reviewer

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